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Re: How do I install older software versions?

On Sat, 2008-09-27 at 21:03 -0400, Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
> If you have the .deb files in the cache (/var/cache/apt/archives) then you
> can try to install the .deb files directly using the "dpkg -i" command. You
> can also do something like
> sudo apt-get install package=version
> if the package is available in the cache (or in some other repository).

The problem is that when you need an package that you haven't installed
before, the package it isn't in cache (the same goes for a fresh testing
install). Moreover an accidental apt clean could easily wipe out your
careful build up cache.

Is it possible to have a local copy of an apt mirror? I have 5 machines
that can sync with a local apt-mirror and that way I can have better
version control.

Or maybe I can install all available software in order to create my own
repository. Is there an easy way to install all available software in



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