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Re: /var/log on tmpfs

On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 10:16 AM, Lubos Vrbka <lists@vrbka.net> wrote:
> hi guys,
> i have set my /var/log to be on tmpfs (i have ssd and want to avoid logs
> being written on it). the problem is, that for example syslogd complains
> that /var/log/news/* files are missing. indeed, there is no news
> subdirectory in /var/log. the same applies, e.g., to apt (/var/log/apt/...)
> - so what would be the correct procedure in this case?
> i don't care that much about the logs themselves, this is just a notebook...
> thanks for info!
> best,
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If you do not care at all about the logs there may even be a way to
write them to /dev/null. This would free up the memory.

WARNING: I do not know if it is possible, and thus haven't done it
myself. It's just an idea.

However if it is possible i might want to do this on my EeePC, for it
has only limited hdd space. I am willing to try this on my EeePC this
weekend, for it would help me if it would work.

Could someone smarter and wiser than me (90% of this list fills at
least 1 catorgory) please shine his or her light on wether this would
theoretically work?


Sorry if this could be considered a thread hyjack. Just disregard it
in that case, I'll get the message.

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