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Re: grammar tool in linux ... perhaps in emacs

H.S. wrote:

I hope I do not start a flame war here. I was wondering what choices do
we have to check English grammar in Linux.

Now before all the purists jump to get their shotguns, pitch forks and
what not, I perfectly know that such a tool is not a substitute for
learning proper grammar. What such fanatics miss, IMHO, is that such a
tool aids in catching silly mistakes and helps significantly in proof
reading. So, having said this, I am curious if we have a grammar checker
in Linux which can be used with text editors. The most common scenario
for me would be if there is a package for emacs that works with LaTeX
(well, since emacs can do everything, I guess this should not be too
much to ask for ;)  ).

Well the last time I saw a grammar checker on a computer was in the days
of wordstar and dos 3.1, to call it crap would be an insult to crap.
I have no idea where it got it's rules from but it certainly did not
correspond to any form of english grammar, from either side of the atlantic
that I have ever come across.
I have never seen anything since.


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