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Re: College Wifi - Problems with .pl file

So what is actually in the login.pl file that your college's webserver sends to firefox? Is it perl code (presumably their actual login script)? Or is it HTML? or is it blank?

I have heard a rumour that if the webserver doesn't send the right Content-type header (eg. Content-type: text/html) IE will just assume it's text/html and will display the page as normal. Whereas firefox will decide it doesn't know what the data is (could be binary or anything) and consider it to be a file to download. But that is only a vague idea I have - no idea if it's even close to correct.


Chris Burkhardt wrote:
Mike Pobega wrote:

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 12:41 AM, Chris Burkhardt <chris@mretc.net
<mailto:chris@mretc.net>> wrote:

    Mike Pobega wrote:
    > So it's a problem on my college's end and not mine?

    That's what it sounds like. Can use someone else's computer and
    see if you can
    connect from Windows?

    - Chris

Not only does Windows work, but so does my friend's iPod touch, and my
other friend's Macbook.
Hmm. Then it sure seems to be something on your end. I can't think of
any suggestions just now, but I'm copying this back to the list in case
anybody else can.

- Chris

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