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Re: NFS and no_root_squash - cannot write as root - permission denied (SOLVED)

Bob  <grantura@spamcop.net> writes:

> Jari Aalto wrote:
>> Can anyone suggest what might be wrong as root user cannot write to the
>> NFS mounted directory.
>> At client, the mount succeeds, but write doesn't. The 'no_root_squash'
>> is enabled at server, the UUID's match, so where is the problem[1]?.
>> Jari
>> AT CLIENT ( / Debian unstable)
>> $ dpkg -l nfs-common
>> ii  nfs-common            1:1.1.3-1
> Bug #492970 [1]

Never would have guessed.

> Downgrade nfs-common to 1:1.1.2-6

According to the bug report, there is workaround. At client the error in
mount is "sec=null":

  $ cat /proc/mounts /mnt/nfs/jondo/src nfs rw,noatime,nodiratime,vers=3,rsize=1048576,wsize=1048576,namlen=255,hard,intr,proto=tcp,timeo=600,retrans=2,sec=null,mountproto=udp,addr= 0 0

Mounting all NFS shares with explicit "sec=sys" allows root to write to
the share (it's still a bug in the NFS).

Thank you,

"nfs-common 1:1.1.3-1 client disallows access to files/directories where it should allow access"

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