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Re: GA-MA790FX-DS5 SATA ahci problem on Jmicron JMB363 kernel 2.6.25-2 Lenny

On 08/22/08 21:38, Sergey Spiridonov wrote:

I got kernel errors (in attachment) and SATA reset on heavy load on the
hard drive
connected to the GA-MA790FX-DS5 onboard controller Jmicron JMB363. Hard
drive connected to the another onboard (south bridge SB600) controller
works without problem.

I got two 1TB Seagate hard disks, ST31000340AS and ST31000340NS. I
connected one to Jmicron JMB363, another to SB600. After some testing
with several instances of bonnie++ I got kernel errors. After this I
exchanged hard disks connections. The one which was connected to JMB363
i connected to SB600 and vs versa. Errors, timeouts and hard drive
resetting happened always on the hard drive which is connected to the
JMB363 (in log file it is sdb). You can find kernel log at the end of
the message. There are no errors if both drives are connected to the SB600.

I already replaced (took from working PC) power supply, memory, video
card and dvd drive. I get same problems also with this devices. So
problem must be motherboard, software or CPU. CPU seems to work O.K.

It looks like the problem is motherboard or ahci ata driver. Does
somebody have any clue about it?

Googling for "Linux JMB363" shows all sorts of bad issues.

I think it's that JMicron makes horrible, buggy chips, and kernel developers haven't yet figured out how to write good drivers for it.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

"Do not bite at the bait of pleasure till you know there is no
hook beneath it."  -- Thomas Jefferson

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