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Re: automounting in xfce

John O Laoi wrote:
> I've tried some of these solutions.
> However, when I insert a CD say, and run
> # fdisk -l
> it does not even see the CD volume,
> so there is no device to mount.
> What could be causing that?

Hi John,

I'm pretty sure 'fdisk -l' only lists hard disk partitions and won't indicate
whether you have a CD in the drive or not.

Your CD-ROM drive is given a file under /dev by the CD-ROM driver. Then in your
/etc/fstab file, there should be a line mapping that device to a directory in
the filesystem (/cdrom, which is a link to /media/cdrom0, I think is the Debian

For example, in my /etc/fstab file, I have this line:

/dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto     0       0

I didn't add that line, some smart part of Debian did (maybe the installer?)

Check to see if your fstab file has a similar line. If it does, you can manually
mount the CD:

mount -a
- OR -
mount /media/cdrom0

Then 'cd /cdrom; ls' to see the contents of the CD.

Otherwise you need to find out what device your CD-ROM drive is (grep'ing
through the output of dmesg, I guess).

Or if your drive is not even being detected by the driver, you need to figure
that out. Have you ever successfully read any CD in your system?

- Chris Burkhardt

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