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Re: Happy birthday, Debian!

NN_il_Confusionario wrote:
On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 07:58:46PM +0300, Shachar Or wrote:
I wonder if there's a system somewhere that was never re-installed, only upgraded from one of the earliest versions...

but not on the disk where debian 1.1 was installed from floppy disks,
and not on the same cpu/motherboard. However the floppy drive should be
the same, I seem to recall. Clearly I do not count as reinstall the copy
of an existing installation.
Up until I installed Etch, that was the case for me. One continuous upgrade since Bo, or Hamm, through to Sarge. Sometimes the Hard Drive moved to another system, or a new MB was put in, or the system was cloned to another HD and then upgraded, but it never got a reinstall.

No part of my current desktop was actually in the computer that got my original Debian install, though there may be bits of that system still around in a box, somewhere.

It would be interesting to see what ruins can be found amongst the files.
That was one of the primary reasons that I did a fresh install when I switched to Etch. Now Aptitude (in place of Apt) helps keep the cruft down.

P.S. I did the Etch install in a chroot in free space on the disk. I should still have the Sarge install in currently unused partitions on my disk.

Marc Shapiro

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