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xorg update clobbers Nvidia GL


It seems every time xorg is updated it clobbers my Nvidia driver and,
all of a sudden, those cool GLX screen savers, not to mention Google
Earth (a mission-critical application!) don't work.  If I use
nvidia-installer to UNinstall the drivers, it tells me
'/usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libglx.so is not a symbolic link',
whereas, right after installing the nvidia drivers, it IS.  So, what
I'm wondering is whether there's any way to protect a symbolic link
from being overwritten.  Ordinarily, if I want to protect a file, I'll
make it read- or read-and-execute-only, but a symbolic link is always
'lrwxrwxrwx' and 'chmod 555 link' just changes the permissions on the
underlying file.  Perhaps that will protect the link from being
replaced with a file, but I'm not confident!  A hack solution would be
simply to rename the underlying file to the link name and make THAT
unwritable, but I think that might confuse the nvidia installer.

Any suggestions will be welcome.


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