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Re: [OT] Cases for pcengines hardware

Martin wrote:

I'm looking for cases for pcengines hardware, the ones I could find
can only hold the board itself (http://pcengines.ch/case1c2blk.htm)
but I'm looking for something that can hold multiple disks (2.5"
preferrably). As an alternative a case that is plugged in over USB and
filled with a couple of 2.5" disks. I'd like to use that as a low
energy storage box.

any ideas for vendors (europe preferrably)

You didn't say which Alix board you were using. If it's the Alix 1C, a mini-ITX format board, then just about any mini-ITX case should do. The other boards are custom designs. I doubt you'll find anything off the shelf to fit them without some kind of modification.


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