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RE: State of 64bit desktop

> From: kj [mailto:koffiejunkielistlurker@koffiejunkie.za.net]
> Subject: State of 64bit desktop
> Hi guys,
> At work I'm starting to push the limits of my RAM with MySQL/InnoDB on
> my workstation (I do dev/testing on my workstation).  I have 64bit
> hardware, capable of taking 8gb memory.
> What I'm worried about is the tools I use.  In particular, I need a
> browser with all the usual suspects working properly: flash and java
> (unfortunately some of the tools I need to use at work are written in
> these abominable languages).  Does anyone do heavy java and flash
> under 64bit Debian (I'm running Lenny)?  One tool in particular I'm
> forced to use is the Raritan KVM interface.  It's horrible.
> Is this move viable or should I rather invest in a second box (won't
> come for free).  I don't want to mess around with 32bit chroots - did
> that before and I didn't like it one bit.
> Thanks
> --kj

Fraid that this might be a "mileage may vary" type of question...

Here is my 2 cents though.

I had horrible problems with Debian Etch and 64bit. 64bit Debian Lenny
has been /brilliant/ but I have only worked with server class
testing/development; I have not had a chance to test Lenny on a Desktop
64bit system. One guy I know does use a 64bit Desktop with Java/flash
but that is with Ubuntu Hardy so I don't know how great the difference
will be for you.

My personal suggestion, if you can do it, would be to give it a shot and
then report what you find back to the Debian Dev team before Lenny goes
stable. It would probably help them out quite a bit and help generate
more interest in the 64bit world. Of course not everyone has the
time/ability to do that* and if you are one of those people then my
suggestion would be to wait till Lenny is released and ask again. At the
very least, I should be able to respond**.

Have fun!

*Unfortunately, I have to raise my hand here...for now at least. I keep
hoping for some spare time. :-(

**We have an upgrade path planned to move a bunch of production systems
to 64bit once Lenny goes stable. As we do that I have a development
desktop system that is 64bit capable (currently running 32bit Debian)
that I can at least tell you how it works out for me. Just give me a
couple weeks for migration. :-D

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