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Re: Debian Sid first time user

On Sun, Aug 10, 2008 at 18:33:12 +0100, Rodolfo Medina wrote:


> But, two more questions:
> the mozilla-browser package is not there in Debian Sid.  How can I know what
> its equivalent is?

Running "apt-cache search mozilla browser" finds, among other things,
the "iceape" package. "apt-cache show iceape" tells you that it is a
meta-package depending on "iceape-browser" and "iceape-mailnews",
recommending "iceape-chatzilla", and suggesting "iceape-calendar". These
are the packages for the different components; if you only want the
browser then you need "iceape-browser".

> I thought there were only Debian Stable, Testing and Unstable; but now I see
> also `experimental'.  What's that?

Sid normally has the newest released versions of software, or at least
reasonably usable release-candidate versions. A package in
"experimental" can be anything from a very usable development snapshot
(with new features) to something that is completely useless if you are
not a developer working on that program/driver.

During (or even before) a pre-release freeze, experimental can
furthermore act as the repository for new versions of packages that
cannot go into unstable because a previous version is meant to be
released with the next "stable". Examples for this are the KDE 4.*
packages: The 4.0 versions were really "experimental" but the 4.1 ones
seem to be quite OK and could in principle enter Sid. However, they have
to be kept out of Sid until after the release of Lenny (except for
certain KDE/Qt 4.* development tools and libraries), so they stay in

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