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Re: swappiness of 2.6 kernel

Paul Johnson wrote :
On Tue, 2008-08-05 at 08:28 +0100, thveillon.debian wrote:

On a Desktop workstation (multimedia edit, 4Gb ram, timer freq being set @ 1000HZ) I've been using 20 for a long time, no problem whatsoever and no swapping at all.

How sure are you on that?  I've 2GB of RAM¹ and eventually something
sitting in memory that hasn't done anything in a long time will get
swapped out as a pre-emptive measure to keep more RAM available for disk
cache and other programs.

¹ I'm kind of curious where Tom got gigabits of RAM.  :o)

I'm always getting confused between the French Octets, Bit, and the English Bytes and such, so I guess I should have said 4GB ;-) ?

I don't keep a close eyes on my swap, but every time I look at it it's not used at all. I guess it depends on the type of use and the apps you're running. But from what I read on the subject it seems that swapping may occur no matter what settings are used for the swappiness, even 0, which is good if RAM is getting scarce...


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