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ath5k-based card not working

I have a card that seems to be driven by the ath5k module.  The lspci
-n line corresponding to it is:

03:00.0 0200: 168c:001c (rev 01)

The driver creates two interfaces, wmaster0 and wlan0.  If I execute
"ifconfig wlan0 up" and then try to scan there is no output, and I
know there are multiple APs in range.  If I set my AP info on it, it
does not associate.

The weird thing is that my laptop has an indicator for the antenna
status, and it is orange -- which means it is off, even though the
physical switch is in the on position.  It seems like there's
something else I need to do to power it up, but I have no clue what.

I am running 2.6.26-1-amd64.  According to the HCL this card should
work since 2.6.25.


Chris Howie

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