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Re: dhclient: no offers


>    In accordance with other people who also have the same laptop, the
> driver which should be used is the "sky2" (SysKonnect Yukon2).

I had the same problem as I said and other people also recommended the
ndiswrapper module for my computer and I didn't find why it don't work
even through different installs.

>    May be I should test the driver "sk98lin". It's the driver which you
> can download from the Marvell homepage. At this point I've a little
> question: Should I compile again the kernel and set the sky2 as a module
> in order to be able to use the "sk98lin" driver?

It's a good idea. Unfortunately you will certainly need to recompile
your kernel (as far as I'm aware, you 'will need').


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