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Re: suspend / hibernate

2008/8/6 Celejar <celejar@gmail.com>:
>> > I have had this problem for a little while now, when I come out of
>> > suspend / hibernation on on my Acer Aspire 5601AWLMi laptop I have
>> > very high system load. I am wondering if any one else has or noticed
>> > this problem.  I have been informed it is a kernel problem and I am at
>> > a lost how to debug it.

How do you monitor load when suspending / hibernating? On a different console?

>> I hibernate with s2disk onto an encrypted swap partition. There is
>> definitely a lot of activity going on when it comes up... lots of disk
>> activity. But its a transient problem and doesn't really affect
>> usability that I've noticed.

Slight thread hijack but the problem I have is that hibernate works
and I am able to recover on restart but suspend shuts down but does
not recover. All I get is a lighted up screen (which becomes normal in
case of hibernate)
I have been using the Gnome desktop GUI for suspending /hibernating.
On HP-TX1000 laptop right now the kernel is 2.6.24-19-generic on
Ubuntu but the problem was same in Debian.

Sudev Barar
Read http://blog.sudev.in for topics ranging from here to there.

PS: I know most of people do not follow email niceties (mostly they
are not aware) but if you follow bottom post/in-line post style of
email conversations it becomes a whole lot easier to carry on
meaningful dialogue and you can snip out what is not meaningful too.
Most people just hit reply button and top post leaving prior message
appended uselessly at bottom. See if you can adopt this style and
persuade others. In case you are already doing this ..... great,
spread the message.

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