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Re: hard drive problem

On Tue,05.Aug.08, 17:53:05, Adam Hardy wrote:
> Andrei Popescu on 05/08/08 17:22, wrote:
>> On Tue,05.Aug.08, 15:51:44, Adam Hardy wrote:
>>> I just took the hard drives from one machine and installed them into 
>>> another with a similar 500MHz CPU and mobo, but it hasn't worked out 
>>> smoothly.
>>> The first drive is 40Gb and seems fine, but the second, a 750Gb drive, 
>>> has a partition that won't mount. In fact there is also a partition on 
>>> the first drive that's not mounting. But linux loads.
>> How old is that mobo anyway? 750 GB might be just a bit too much for it.
> Argh! Well, I don't really know anymore - probably 1998. So 10 years, +/- 2 
> years. But then, the other mobo was old too. Maybe just not quite as old. 
> Should I be checking on a hardware compatibility list at Seagate?

You could try different options for the drive parameters in BIOS (lba, 
CHS, ...)

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