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Re: Replacing hda - Easiest Way?

On 2008-08-05 15:35, Stackpole, Chris wrote:
> There have been some good suggestions, but none that I would really
consider "the Easy way". I don't know your level of experience, but for
me "the Easy Way" is the one that can be done by almost anyone without
tons of technical documentation.
> Here is what I have done in the past that worked perfect for me:
> 1) Boot system off of Knoppix (or any other live CD with the following tools).
> 2) Use whatever partition manager you prefer to create your partitions on the new drive (QTparted, Gparted, fdisk, ect).
> 3) Use PartImage to copy the partitions over. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PartImage

I don't really see, how partimage is more 'easy' than rsync -ax.
partimage has a more guish interface, so requires more interaction. In
order to use partimage, the partition has to be unmounted, ie you have
to use a rescue medium, while rsync backups and restores your running
system. (I more than once upgraded a system from stable to testing,
didn't like it and just rsync'ed my backup to reboot into the 'old'
kernel & stable system. )

> 4) Mount new hard drive and ensure mount points are correct (meaning if old drive is hda and new drive is sda, change accordingly).
> 5) Shutdown, remove old harddrive, boot into new drive!

> Done!

Works just as well, if you skip 1) and replace 3) by 'rsync -ax'.

The advantage of partimage might be that it might copy your mbr and thus
save you the effort of grub-install. (Don't remember exactly about this;
it won't hurt to run grub-install either way)

HTH, take care!


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