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Re: Benefits (and risks) of using Sid

andy wrote:
Hi all

This is just a general enquiry about the benefits of using Sid on a desktop or a workstation. Aside from obtaining up-to-the-minute software (and related patches), are there any other benefits to using Sid? I am aware of the risks - i.e. frequently broken applications - but to be honest, how often does this happen?

I run Sid on my workstations; it's as stable as any Windows box I've ever run

The real advantage of Sid over Testing is when breakage does occur. With Testing, you may have to wait a week or two before the fix comes along; with Sid, the fix is often available within a day or two (not always, but often). The disadvantage is that breakage usually occurs more often than in Testing, but as a general rule, such breakage is confined to a small subset of the system (again, not always.)

Every once in a while a bug will creep in that will totally hose things for a while, and may take some expertise and/or a learning curve to fix, but like I say, my Sid experience over the past almost-decade has been less-problematic than my Windows experiences over twice that time.

For a server or other mission-critical role, I'd suggest you stay with Stable.

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