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Re: Debian Sid first time user

On 08/04/08 16:26, Jochen Schulz wrote:
Rodolfo Medina:
Please can anybody indicate how to fetch and install a Debian Sid distribution

You have been using Debian and don't know how to do that? -Interesting.

Maybe he's a happy *user* of a relatively unchanging system.

You only have to add sid to your sources.list (copy existing lines and
replace etch/stable with sid) and then run aptitude update, upgrade,
safe-upgrade (new in lenny/sid) and full-upgrade.

and how to manage it after installation (packages and so on)?

Just do regular upgrades to change the old bugs against new ones. Find
the BTS (Debian Bugtracking System) and learn how to use it.

I didn't find any help on www.debian.org.

You didn't look close enough. :)

Besides, large downloads are not easy for my

This may be a problem since sid offers several megabytes of upgrades per

I agree.

Rodolfo, if your main purpose for upgrading is to get a new kernel, you probably should check out "backports" for a .25 kernel that you can drop in Etch.

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