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Re: dhclient & booting

Ok, I should have written a bit more. Maybe these points are helpful:

* I've also installed Windows XP on my laptop and it works fine so I'm sure that the problem has to do with my linux configuration.

* I've tested different kernel versions (three of them).

* "dmesg" seems to say that the interface eth0 is fine. The module that the network card needs to work is being loaded successfully (sky2)

* However, the wireless interface (wlan0) works fine. It gets an IP from the same DHCP server without any problem.

* The "messages" file writes the following message whenever I attempt to get an IP: "no IPv6 routers present". I've been reading about it but people are not agree with this point. Some of them think that it is not important at all and others think that it's necessary to disable IPv6. For example:


The most strange point is that sometimes the network card gets an IP without problem... but very few times.

  Thank you for your reply. I'd appreciate any help.


Shachar Or escribió:
On Monday 04 August 2008 00:56, Antonio Diaz wrote:

   I'm using Debian Sid (kernel 2.6.26). I need to configure the eth0 so
it uses the dhcp. In my case the "dhclient" never gets response at boot
time. Later, I have to restart the service "/etc/init.d/networking" to
get a IP. Sometimes I've also problems at this point. I don't not why
but sometimes I've to restart this service several times in order to get
a IP. May be it's because of the network module but it's also true that
it works fine whenever I configure it to use static ip address.

Could be a problem with the dchp server. Have you tested the dhcp server with a different client; a different machine?

Could be a problem with the network adapter or the module. Try a different adapter in the box?

Try a different kernel?

Try a different dhcp client?

Have you any iptables rules set that could interfere?

Did you check dmesg?

Perhaps try to change the interface's mac address?
To configure the "eth0" interface I write the following lines in the
"interfaces" file:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

This seems fine. Is there anything else in the file that could interfere?
   I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.


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