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Re: Mplayer plugin

Frank McCormick wrote:

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> It seems Firefox uses the mplayer plugin for many if not most of the
> movies and feeds on many sites. But in my system is doesn't work most of
> the time. The mplayer window comes up (full screen once in a while), I
> click play...it says getting playlist...connecting to whatever then that's
> it. Clicking play again simply repeats the whole process.
> I have tried turning various features on and off but can't seem to find
> the combination that works. My latest problem is videos from the nasa.gov
> site.
> Can anyone offer any advice ?
> Thanks
Hi Frank,
The videos on the NASA site play on my FFx with no problems. I'm using FFx
3.0.1 on Debian Lenny with the mplayerplug-in plugin dated 2007/1/7.
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