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Re: [OT?]Re: pc doesn't start

owens@netptc.net wrote:


Those "coin batteries" are typically 2025's or 2032's, and are quite
common.  In the US, Wal*Mart carries them.  Elsewhere, try the local
Wal*Mart equivalent, e.g. Tesco, or Radio Shack, or the local
parts store should have some.  Some are lithium, some are alkaline,
really doesn't matter, they are fairly cheap either way.  I keep
some on
hand, not only do my computers use them, but the car "zapper" locker/unlocker uses them, and so does my blood sugar test meter.

Mark Allums

I would be very surprised if the BIOS battery is alkaline.  Alkaline
batteries do have a characteristic that the voltage gradually drops
as the battery dies; on the other hand Li batteries usually hold
their voltage until they die at which point the voltage drops to near

They are available both ways.

Mark Allums

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