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how to close port 113 ident xinetd


I tried doing an nmap scan on myself the other day and found that tcp
port 113 was open.  Nmap listed the service as ident.  I am trying to
remove this service since I don't think I need it, but I can't figure
out how.  I removed the package pidentd, after which nmap reported the
port was still open, but changed its service description to "auth?".
I have no other identd related packages installed on my system.  I
used netstat to find the process listening on port 113 and it seems to
be xinetd.  The exact listing of the process in `ps` is
root      6766     1  0 17:45 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/xinetd
-pidfile /var/run/xinetd.pid -stayalive -inetd_compat -inetd_ipv6

I've pasted my /etc/xinetd.conf file at the end - it is really short
and doesn't contain anything relating to ident.  An ls on
/etc/xinetd.d shows these files:
chargen  daytime  discard  echo  time

I should also mention that xinet seems only to be listening on the
default ipv6 address ::, and not on any ipv4 addresses.

I don't think removing xinetd is the right way to go, but I haven't
been able to find any answers on google.  And I don't want to go about
blocking ports on my firewall as that doesn't seem to me like a real
solution - I just want to stop/remove the process that is listening on
this port.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jimmy Wu
Registered Linux User #454138
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$cat xinetd.conf
# Simple configuration file for xinetd
# Some defaults, and include /etc/xinetd.d/


# Please note that you need a log_type line to be able to use log_on_success
# and log_on_failure. The default is the following :
# log_type = SYSLOG daemon info


includedir /etc/xinetd.d

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