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Re: apt: "The following packages have been kept back:"

JW wrote:
I sometimes have a hard time figuring out why apt keeps certain packages back. For example the other day during an apt-get upgrade it was "keeping back" openoffice (and all the OO componant packages). It was not requiring any packages to be removed, it wasn't causing any major packages to be upgraded.
i don't really understand why, but *sometimes* when some additional package has to be upgraded/installed, the original package is kept back (in aptitude in my case).

How can I find out the *reason* why a package is kept back?
my solution is running aptitude in interactive mode and seeing the information there. if some package is broken/conflicts, then the source of the conflict is described in aptitude. mostly, however, no conflict is found - then i do just U (as upgrade) and G (as go) and it proceeds without problems. if you press just U, it will tell you what packages are going to be installed... at least there you should be able to see what is blocking your apt.

probably not optimal solution, but works for me :)


Lubos _@_"

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