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d-i issues


I downloaded the latest d-i:

and used it to install a lenny system but only with what was in the iso.

Ran into the following:

I don't want lenny, I want sid and have a sid local mirror.

The reason I don't want lenny is that it takes me 3 days to download a lenny system and with sid a matter of seconds.

But changing the sources to sid, dist-upgrade only upgrades 4 packages from the 138 installed.

So in attempting to install kernel-package ran into the problem with perl: perl-base is installed but is 5.10.0-10 and perl wants 5.10.0-11.

The reason I want kernel-package is I have to roll my own kernel because the one that comes with d-i (2.6.25-2-686) fails to give me framebuffers so I can't see a thing with those huge 80x25 characters.

Bottomline: how do you change lenny to sid?


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