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Re: if I were a newbie how would I get sound?


I accidentally found a trick you might try if you are really stuck:

I recently tried setting up a minimal Debian Etch install, and then added the xfce4 desktop. I installed alsa-base, alsa-utils, alsa-oss, libesd-alsa0, esound-clients etc. and got nowhere. I could run alsaconf and it said everything OK. I could run alsamixergui and set all the controls, but no sound.

I read this entire thread and tried all the mentioned techniques to no avail.

As a last resort, I did "apt-get install alsa*" which installed a whole boatload of stuff, and it *worked!*

I don't know what did the trick, so I'm going to try a more gradual approach on another minimal Debian install and try to see what modules must be present, etc. to get things working.

Another funny thing was that I have TVTime running a Happauge WinTV-Go card which worked OK, but I couldn't change the volume via the keyboard arrow keys anymore. Once I dumped in all the stuff, It worked. So there are lots of dependencies that aren't being met all along the way.


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