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Re: Phoenix-awardbios Setup AMD64 Dual Core

On 08/01/08 17:00, Account for Debian group mail wrote:

In the bios setup for this computer there is one item I don't know about:

Virtualization Technology {enabled / disabled] (I have set it to enabled).

On the side bar it states:

VT enables a CPU feature to run multiple simultaneous virtual machines
allowing specialized software to run in full isolation of each other.
HP recommends disabling this feature unless specialized applications are
being used.


As stated above I "enabled" this but does anyone know if this is the
correct setting? for a AMD64 Dual Core machine running kernel-image
vmlinuz-2.6.24-etchnhalf.1-amd64 and 4 Gigs of ram.

If it were my computer, I'd leave it on. You can always disable it if you get weird install or boot issues.

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Jefferson LA  USA

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