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Re: Request for assistance with a bug

--- On Fri, 8/1/08, myblog1980 <myblog1980@gmail.com> wrote:

> <snip> I'm an Ubuntu user who is having an ongoing problem
> with USB file 
> transfers.  This issue also seems to be affecting a
> significant number 
> of other Ubuntu users, and I have also been reading reports
> of it 
> appearing in other distros. </snip>

I have had similar problems with usb transfers in the past, one on an external hdd (seagate - there are other problems there such as disk spindown and how the firmware responds afterwards that make it of little use for this test) also a 1GB mp3player which after a few songs transfered the connection drops to a crawl

> <snip> This is the issue: USB file transfers start off at full
> speed, the 
> rapidly slow down, to speeds as low as 2mb/s, irrespective
> of the USB 
> device, whether it's flash drive or a HDD.  Many of the
> users that are 
> being affected are experiencing it to different degrees,
> some get half 
> the USB transfer speeds they are expecting, others get the
> full 
> slowdown.  Additionally, it doesn't always happen.  In
> my experience, 
> I've occasionally had a transfer speed at near the
> expected rate, but 
> that's been rare.  </snip>

> Furthermore, this problem affects the GUI's
> responsiveness if a slow 
> file transfer is allowed to continue running for a long
> time.  What 
> happens is that performance of the GUI slows to almost the
> point of 
> being unusable, windows are being redrawn in slow motion
> and key presses 
> take seconds to be detected.  At the same time, the CPU is
> barely 
> registering any activity.  Cancelling the file transfer
> restores the 
> system's performance immediately.

on my system (looking at the output of top and atop suggests a high degree of swapping going on during transfers, especially if other actions are being preformed at the same time. if this is a part of the problem I cannot say, just that it seems to be in my case. (cpu usage is almost 0 but swapping is going on like crazy. I would wonder if it closer to a paging error if that is the case

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