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Re: [Dibbler] installing a package from lenny on an etch machine...

On Fri, 1 Aug 2008 somebody known as Rick Thomas wrote:

As you can see, the "doc" package installed OK, but the "server"
package needs a later version of some basic C libraries.

I'd rather not upgrade the Etch machine to Lenny right now.  And I
really don't want to get into running an Etch Machine with Lenny

So I suspect that what I really need to do is download the "dibbler"
source package and recompile it on Etch.

Can anybody tell me how to do that?  RTFM is easy if you know what
parts to read, so if you can point me to the right parts of the FM,
that will be great!
Sure. Download dibbler-0.7.1-src.tar.gz from Dibbler homepage, extract it and compile. Since dibbler is developed under Debian I really don't expect any troubles.

Or you can read Dibbler User's Guide. There's Linux installation section.
I'm sorry to inform all reading challenged users that latest Dibbler release does not yet provide comic user's guide.
(Sorry, I coudn't resist ;)

For totally lazy users, here are the commands:
wget -nd http://klub.com.pl/dhcpv6/dibbler/dibbler-0.7.1-src.tar.gz
tar zxvf dibbler-0.7.1-src.tar.gz
cd dibbler-0.7.1
make client server relay
(or make client if you need client only)

If you want to build DEB packages, download latest CVS snapshot (debian/ directory is not distributed with src.tar.gz) and follow doc/RELEASE-METHOD (short version is that you must type: dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot)
Some extra tools for building deb packages will be required.

Hope that helps. Also, Lenny is to be released within a few months. Dibbler hopefully will be part of it.

Sorry about being sarcastic. I couldn't resist. User's Guide is really plain and simple. :)


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