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Re: Request for assistance with a bug

myblog1980 wrote:
Apologies for this long message in advance :)


Thanks in advance for any assistance or advice!


Use less history, and use more details. In your first paragraph you wrote that you can't seem to get any dev's interested in your issue. I would leave that out entirely. Instead, I would have mentioned what Desktop Environment I use, what version, kernel, etc.

If you are using gnome, I would suggest trying to open up a ticket on the gnome development bug tracking system.

This is just a guess, but Lenny just went into feature freeze and they decided not to use the new gnome files transfer sub-system in Lenny. Therefore, I would guess that since you're using Hardy (that's a guess too actually), which uses the new gnome file transfer system, Debian dev's are going to have their hands full with lenny stuff and won't be jumping all over your problem until they start looking at it themselves for lenny +1.

My advice is to create a separate partition, install Ibex and file bug reports against Ibex. That is your best bet (IMHO) to getting this issue resolved in the next 6 months.

Or, install Lenny, which won't be using the new gnome VFS transfer thing-a-ma-bobber, and so probably doesn't have this issue.

Good luck!

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