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Re: 64 bit Dual-Core Moron

On 08/01/08 11:05, Account for Debian group mail wrote:

I'm a bit of a Moron when it comes to the newer 64 bit Dual-Core
technology. Are there programs out there that can test this new machine
(amd64 dualcore) to see if it is running up to par. That both CPUs are
doing there thing under load before I put this server into service?

And are there some docs that I can look at to help enlighten me on this

What do you mean by "up to par"?

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

Scientists are people, too.  IOW, they also "crave power, money,
respect, and influence, and they also fear for their jobs. Each
can be a healthy motivator, but each has the ability to turn a
good scientist into a bad one; and in some cases, they can turn
a good scientist into a charlatan."

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