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Re: i want to make an image copy of my system

darren naidoo:
> Hi there i want to do the above but the partition is a boot partition
> and when i boot from a disk it says i cannot because i am not root but
> i am root user.

What a pity. I hope you'll get it fixed somehow. ;-)

Seriously, just in case you actually wanted to receive help here: we can
only help you if you state your problem explicitly. That includes what
exactly you are doing, what you expected to happen and what happened

What we don't know:

- how you want to take an image (program name, command line)
- which filesystem you want to copy
- where you want to put that copy
- how you boot into your system

As a general advice I can only say that you shouldn't try to create an
image from a mounted filesystem. That rules out /. If you want to that,
it's best to boot from a live CD.

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You also might want to use a system / software for mailing that uses
linebreaks and doesn't make it difficult to use a reasonable amount of
punctuation. We aren't texting in here, we try to write proper

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