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to cluster or not? what's best solution for 2-node HA?

Here's what I want:
I have a vmware server running on etch, hosting 4 VM's.
I want these 4 VM's to be hosted in such a way, that should anything
fail on 1 VM host, there is another providing seamless service. I want
to do this with the 2 pc's I already have, each with 2 NIC's, and no
other hardware.

My basic question - what's the best solution to accomplish this?

Here's what I've looked at:
drbd/HA (heartbeat) - allows you to raid1 a disk partition between 2
pc's over ethernet
   issues: in the default primary/secondary failover config, if
primary fails, there is some period of time (even if only seconds),
required for the secondary to become primary - I can only assume this
would mean rebooting all the VM's.
   however - you can run drbd in a primary/primary config - this
sounds like what I want. But it sounds like I need a clustering files
system to do this like GFS. After countless hours researching this,
I'm still not sure how to do it - do I need GFS? OCFS? NBD?

Now drbd isn't really a cluster, it's just raid1-ing 2 pc's - this
could be all I need.
But - would a REAL cluster be a better solution? I believe a cluster
could provide load balancing, or at least optimized use of all
available hard disk heads. Although, if drbd needs GFS, then in fact,
doesn't this become a real cluster?

What would a clustering solution look like?
which is the best filesystem to use - GFS/OCFS ?
would drbd still be needed if GFS is used?

Any ideas, experiences, help - greatly appreciated!
TIA - Bob

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