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[Debian-User] Gtk fonts on non desktop (non gnome) X environment.


I use fluxbox, with no desktop (no kde, no gnome no xfce, ...).  But I
have the problem of not being able to configure the fonts for the gtk
guis...  For example I can't make the tab menus, readable for me on
icedove, iceweasel, iceape, etc...  I had the same problem for
icedove, but there was a kind plugin to modify its gtk fonts, although
I haven't found the same thing for other applications.  I guess the
same apply for qt applications ( I haven't installed skype yet, but I
guess I'll have the same problem).

Is there a configuration file I can create by hand under
~/.<some_name> which would help me accomplish getting the fonts I'd
like to see?



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