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Re: DMA is turned off on my HDD

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On 07/17/08 08:35, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 07/17/08 06:48, Anton Liaukevich wrote:
>> In the beginning of July I reinstall my Debian system (lenny). At once I
>> discover that loading cache in Aptitude (ncurses-UI mode) is very slow
>> and in general my system is very slow.
>> In several days I discovered that DMA is turned off on my HDD (fsck
>> sayed it while Debian booting). Please, help me turn on DMA mode.
>> My hardware:
>>     motherboard: Epox 8RDA3I rev 3.3 (nForce 2 Ultra)
>>     hdd: WD1200JB (ide, 120gb)
>>     cpu: Sempron 2200 (k7)
> Soon after a reboot, search dmesg for all references to that WD
> drive (probably "ata0"), and for hda.  Maybe that will give you some
> tips.
> Also, maybe it's not using the correct chipset driver.

Scratch the chipset driver.  It's the SATA driver.  nForce2 is old
enough that it almost definitely needs sata_nv.

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