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Audacious won't open files specified in command line


I'm trying to play audio files with audacious. From audacious(1):

> audacious  [-h] [--help] [-r] [--rew] [-p] [--play] [-u] [--pause] [-s]
>        [--stop] [-f] [--fwd] [-e] [--enqueue] [-m]  [--show-main-window]  [-v]
>        [--version] [--headless] [filename]...

So, running 'audacious file.mp3' should start audacious and play the
file. Instead, it starts audacious and does nothing.
Actually, if there was a playlist loaded last time I used it, it will
start playing it but not the file I told it to.

I can DnD the files into the audacious windows and they work, but
passing any audio file as parameter is the same as nothing.

Gave this error which might be related, 

> (audacious:14669): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_hash_table_foreach: assertion 
> `hash_table != NULL' failed

Google didn't help. Removing .config/audacious didn't help either.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?


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