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Re: how to add ether net card in etch

On Wednesday 16 July 2008 14:51, Serena Cantor wrote:
> I have etch.
> Now I add a Ethernet card
> The card use e100 module in kernel 2.4/sarge
> but e100 in etch does not seem to work.

Hi Serena. Is the e100 module loaded?  Post the ouput of lsmod please.

I know that I had some problems with the driver not being loaded for my 
Realtek 8139 network card, and had to add 8139too to /etc/modules.

If the module is not seen in your lsmod, su to root on the CLI, and do a.
modprobe e100, then check lsmod again.

If the network card is now showing in lsmod, add it to /etc/modules, and when 
you reboot, it should be loaded automatically.

All the best.


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