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Re: SATA drive problems in LENNY...

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On 07/15/08 16:15, Mark Allums wrote:
> Silicon Image controllers require a driver, so the obvious question is,
> are the drivers in the kernel or a module?  [Thinking aloud:] It seems
> to be there, from the above, but SATA requires SCSI generic support and
> all that.  And, lo, you did cat /proc/scsi/scsi.
> Something's flaky.
> Have you considered a bad hard disk?  It is SATA, but the system reduces
> the DMA to DMA66.  Tried a new cable?  Power supply adequate?

Or the SATA cable was jiggled loose?

> How recent is the driver?  Would a more recent one help?
> [Shot in the dark:] How is your APIC/LAPIC quality?  Quite a few older
> machines have buggy BIOSes, and need a boot parameter such as noapic.

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