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Re: Flash in Etch?

Jeff Soules wrote:
Hi all,

Open to any advice.  My ultimate goal is to get a fully functional Flash
player in a browser in my Debian Etch installation (amd64 base).
I use Gnome and don't care much for KDE & Konqueror.

Here's what I've tried so far:

*Iceweasel + swfdec -- without success.  I'm looking to use YouTube
successfully here, whereas with this setup I've yet to see anything in
Flash actually work.

*gnash -- package appears to be broken in Etch, and I can't resolve
the dependencies manually.

*I looked into running out of a partial chroot a la this suggestion[1],
but that seemed like an ugly kludge to begin with, and I didn't
really have the chops to make it work anyway.

Failing that, I attempted to install and run SimpleFox in a 32-bit
mode, but to do this I've needed to update my version of gtk+2.0
(apparently in prepackaged Etch the version doesn't go beyond
2.8, and there doesn't seem to be anything on backports that
would bring me more up to date).

Then I attempted to manually install gtk+2.0 in the latest
versions as from [2], which in turn requires a new Glib and
a new Pango.  Attempted to compile these under /opts
as per [3], but while I can get glib and pango to compile without
incident, the gtk compile is failing due to an undefined symbol.
(I've copied the last few lines below at the bottom of this message).

So, perhaps I'm going about this all wrong.  But it seems to me
I need either:
- Some form of 32-bit browser, so I can install the (admittedly
non-free) Adobe flash player;
- Some way to make some of the free alternatives work well
enough to meet my needs.

I am open to advice on any of these points. <snip>

I had no trouble installing the flash player for mozilla with a package from http://debian-multimedia.org/

IIRC, either Flash or Acroread, or both required some 32bit libs etc., but it's simply a case of adding the repository to sources.list, installing the key-ring, updating and then installing the package.


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