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Re: i386 or amd64?

On Sunday 13 July 2008 11:56:28 am Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 07/13/08 10:29, Damon L. Chesser wrote:
> [snip]
> > Note:  I do not understand the reluctance of not using a 64bit OS at this
> > time.  I do hear that java/flash are not yet fully working on 64bit, but
> > I don't ever see any issues with it.  I do not code, perhaps this is
> > where people see problems with it?  I don't know.  I run iceweasel/FF,
> > have non-free flash, swfdec-mozilla, and I install Sun JRE (allthough
> > right now I am using default-JRE as Sun is not installable for me in Sid
> > as of yesterday).
> swfdec-mozilla works on "all" Flash videos?
> And what JRE is it that you use?
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> York is doomed."

well, it works on all flash videos I try to view and at this point, the jre I 
use, and I quote, "default-jre" and I installed "java-gcj-compat-plugin" and 
this allow me to go to Sun's site and "test" my java, which passes.  Prior to 
yesterday, when my system crashed, I used Sun-java6-jre, but at this time, 
there is a circular dep issue stopping the install of that (jre deps on bin, 
which deps on i32-java6-jre which deps on sun-java6-jre, same with java5.)


Damon L. Chesser

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