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Re: Cannot mkdir nested directories

On Saturday 12 July 2008 11:38:14 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> For some odd reason, the ability to create nested directories has
> stopped working, but I can create single directories:
> hardy@hardy-laptop:~$ mkdir hello/world
> mkdir: cannot create directory `hello/world': No such file or directory
> hardy@hardy-laptop:~$ mkdir hello
> hardy@hardy-laptop:~$ cd hello/
> hardy@hardy-laptop:~/hello$ mkdir world
> hardy@hardy-laptop:~/hello$ ls
> world
> hardy@hardy-laptop:~/hello$
> This _did_ work just yesterday! I did shutdown and reboot to no avail.
> How can I fix this? Thanks in advance.
> Dotan Cohen
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man mkdir says to use -p

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