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Re: Blurry fonts in printed invoices

On Fri, 11 Jul 2008 01:00:13 -0500
"Mumia W.." <paduille.4061.mumia.w+nospam@earthlink.net> wrote:

> On 07/10/2008 10:37 PM, Celejar wrote:
> > [...]
> > http://lizzie.freehostia.com/newegg-pdf.jpg
> > 
> That is a mess.
> > I see the same problem when printing to an actual printer, to a
> > CUPS-PDF virtual printer, and when using IW's native print-to-file
> > functionality.
> > 
> > Is there any other information I can provide?
> > 
> Let's hope the PDFfonts avenue helps. It seems that some bad font 
> calculations occurred, and it may be due to bad font substitutions.

I posted some pdffonts output in another message in this thread, but as
I said there, I have no idea what any of it means.

> Install the fonts required by the application that produces the invoice. 
> If that's not possible, get very close substitutions.

The pages I'm printing are from websites; they aren't produced by any
application I'm running.  What font packages should I have installed?
I think I have a pretty standard set, but it's possible I'm missing
something important.

> Also try inkscape 0.46, which can read, convert and fix some kinds of 
> PDF files.

Thanks, I'll look into that.

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