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Re: DigiVox A/D TV-Tuner issue

On Friday 04 July 2008 13:51, Anas Husseini wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I am facing problems with my DigiVox TV-Tuner. I am working on debian etch
> (kernel 2.6.18), and have installed the necessary modules for the tv-tuner
> (v4l, linux-source, linux-headers, etc), and modprobed the corresponding
> kernel modules, but whenever I try to receive the input video (using tvtime
> for example), it said that /dev/video0 cannot be accessed (or found). I
> tried to create /dev/video0 using mknod and chmod 666, but it didn't work
> neither. What else should be done?

Hi Anas. "cannot be accessed (or found)" could be a permissions problem. Are 
you as user a member of the "video" group? See /etc/group.

Would you post the output of,  lsmod | grep video.


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