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Re: Firefox 3?

Stackpole, Chris wrote:

Is there a version of Firefox 3--or, i guess, Iceweasel 3--in package
form yet, or is it still in some kind of testing form where you have to compile it yourself?

It is only in Sid right now: http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=iceweasel

Of course there is nothing stopping you from installing firefox3 manually, but if you want Iceweasle deb packages, you will have to pull from Sid.

Have fun!

The current version of iceweasel in sid (3.0~rc2-2) doesn't seem to play very well with some plugins. I'm using a ff3 binary I downloaded from mozilla.com and run out of my home directory until a final (non-rc) version of iceweasel makes it into the sid repo.


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