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Re: Help interpreting nmap scan on localhost running Lenny.Strange port?

On Wed, Jul 02, 2008 at 01:27:19PM -0700, Luis Maceira wrote:
> I recently installed Lenny(testing) and I have very few software installed,yet.
> I did a nmap scan which showed this:


> the fingerprint above appears that the port 832/tcp is related to privoxy
> however when I kill privoxy and repeat the scan only 8118/tcp port(clearly
> identified by nmap as privoxy stuff) closes.So what port is that not
> identified by nmap?I do not think it is a backdoor or so as I record all my
> Internet traffic(tcpdump) and run 2 IDSs and none reports problems.
> My system was freshly installed with all cautions:checking sigs md5sums etc..

have you tried

netstat -panel

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