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Re: CAD software for PCB engineering and routing

Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net> writes:

> Hello,
> I am using "electic" and "geda" but those programs are crap and you  can
> not design real PCBs for it.  Even my 18 years old MS-DOS software works
> better.
> So, my requirements are:
> 1)  PCB-Layouts up to Extended ATX and 18x11"
> 2)  Only ARM and MIPS CPU's (yeah, no i386, sparc powerpc)

I think this requirement will rule out every low cost solution.

> 3)  double sided
> 4)  double layer
> 5)  autorouter
> 6)  design template per chip including
>     auto placing of capacitors and such
> x)
> y)
> z)
> 997)  Export/Import all common formats
> 998)  Must definitivly work with Debian GNU/Linux
> 999)  Not expensive!
> I have already VariCAD runing on a Dual "Opteron 280" with  16 GByte  of
> memory plus some 300 GByte SCA-Drives on a ICP Raid-5 and I do not  need
> a second program of this caliber.
> Any recomandtions?

Eagle is the usual recommendation for Linux PCB, I have not seen it
mentioned here yet (but perhaps I missed it). But I doubt there is a
non-x86 version.

Another reasonably priced one is Vutrax, which is what I use on

I think you have one too many "unreasonable" constraints to get a

You want 

  low cost --> OK
  && linux --> only ~4
  && non-x86 --> none.

Wine seems to be getting pretty good now, so perhaps you can find
something meant for windows.


John Devereux

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