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Re: mp3 player with adjustable speed and pitch correction

Michael Shuler worte:
> What you are looking for is really not just a player, but an audio editor.
> Give audacity a try - works well for me.

>From a user's point of view there is no difference between adjusting volume,
speed or pitch. Hence, I consider adjustable speed as a basic feature of a music
player. Anyway, audacity doesn't suit my needs (stop playback, preprocessing).

Andrei Popescu wrote:
> mplayer can adjust the speed on-the-fly. A quick search through the man
> page does find a filter which compensates for the pitch as well, but I
> didn't test it.

Unfortunately, (g)mplayer does not display the current speed (imagine that you
press [ or ] several times during playback), 10% steps are too large, also.

Cédric Lucantis wrote:
> alsaplayer does it too, even allowing negative speeds for your satanic
> parties :)

alsaplayer is fine.

Thanks for all suggestions.


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