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RE: Update manager replacement?

>On my current Lenny machine, I have something that appears to
>be the Gnome update manager running; I regularly get an orange
>box that pops up on my panel that tells me what packages can
>be updated, and it handles the updating.
>On a new Lenny install, this is not present. I do have
>something under System > Administration > Software Sources
>that lets me choose how often it should check for updates, but
>these don't actually seem to be displayed anywhere.  So I have
>to use the Synaptic Package Manager manually.
>Am I missing something, or is there a way to get the older
>functionality back?

That's because it doesn't exist in Lenny at the moment.

If you look on your other Lenny install, in synaptic, the update manager
will be listed in the "obsolete" package list.

>From my understanding there was a fairly large problem due to the way
Ubuntu and Debian differ in handling packages and it was causing many
problems for people using Debian*. So it got yanked. It is in Sid and it
will be back, but for the time being it isn't there.

Hope that helps.
Have fun!

* I don't know the details about it, I just saw the posting about a week
ago and thought "huh that's interesting" and went on my way. Sorry for
not keeping the link. I will look for it again and if I find it, I will
post back.

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