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Re: Install debian Etch with debootstrap on top of fedora

El mar, 01-07-2008 a las 09:46 +0100, michael escribió:
> I am trying to install Debian Etch on a box that already has Fedora  
> but when using debootstrap I get the message
> Installer error: Failure trying to run: chroot /target mount -t proc  
> proc /proc
> There are more details below but could somebody enlighten me as to  
> its meaning and what's going wrong? Ta, M
> Details: Fedora fc7 box is Core2 Duo with LVM, make a new partition / 
> debian_chroot, install debootstrap using yum, run debootstrap to  
> install etch for arch amd64 using UK mirror. Installs/verifies many  
> packages then gives above error. /var/log/messages is empty (!).

What parameters are you passing to debootstrap? It should be something
debootstrap etch /debian_chroot http://somemirror/debian

If that's correct, you should make sure that you're running it as root
and the chroot binary is in PATH ('which chroot').

If that doesn't help, please copy the exact error you're receiving.

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